We’ll Always Remember You

Chloe Renzelmann

The last day of school is often an exciting time for many as the beginnings of summer give a look inside to the next 3 months of freedom. For seniors though, this final day of walking the halls resonates within them a bittersweet feeling. This is the last time these seniors will step foot into the classes they have sat in for four long years, the last time they will pass their friends and classmates in the halls, and the final time they will count down the seconds until the clock hits 3:23. Although this day can spark a lot of emotion, the seniors try to keep busy and have fun on this last day to keep the mood happy. Seniors could be seen on Thursday riding on rollerblades, shooting water guns, parking out of order in the parking lot, playing card games in the courtyard and video games in the commons, and even saying final goodbyes to favorite staff members. The day full of fun ends in more celebration as the seniors gather in the hall and throw up all their old papers, shoot off confetti cannons, and aim silly string at each other. As the class song plays overhead seniors take in these final moments together in the halls of South. So to the class of 2019, best of luck from your Redwing family.