Lake Breeze

2017-2018 Staff

Daisy Mendiola


Daisy Mendiola is currently a senior at Sheboygan South High School. This is her first year being a part of Lake Breeze Publications. Her intention for joining the crew was to contribute a new perspective and ideas to the yearb...

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Nicholas Vue


Nicholas Vue is currently a junior at South High School. This is his first year in publications. Vue joined Lake Breeze Publications because he enjoys capturing memories. Nicholas would like to capture many memories this year...

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Ashlynn Anderson


Ashlynn Anderson is in her third year of high school. She joined the Lake Breeze Publications crew to capture many new things and memories to share with everyone in South High School. She loves photography, she would love to s...

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Lauren Firgens


Firgens is a Senior, this will be her third year on the Lake Breeze staff. Firgens decided to take Lake Breeze Publications because of her interest in being more involved in school and getting a better chance to interact with ...

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Mitchell Gilipsky


Mitchell Gilipsky is a Senior at South High School. This is his second year on the Lake Breeze Publications staff. You can catch Mitchell playing the drums, listening to music, or petting his cats. Mitchell is looking forward to ...

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Mackenzie Marver


Mackenzie Marver is a part of the 2018 Senior Class of South High School. Marver is a second year participant in Lake Breeze Publications. This year she is looking forward to playing a more active role and making sure everyone h...

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Blake Posewitz


Blake Posewitz is a Senior and this will be his third year on the Lake Breeze Publications staff. Posewitz took this class because he has always enjoyed looking at the yearbooks and reading his sisters newspaper when she was ...

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Hallie Theune


Hallie Theune will be a Senior this year and it is her second year taking publications. Theune took Publications because it is an opportunity for her to be more involved at South. Along with Publications, Theune is a part of Red...

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Angela Yang


Angela Yang is finishing off her last year at South High. She joined the crew in hopes to capture most of what the year will consist of. She loves to write and wanted to expand her knowledge on different areas while getting o...

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Selena Deida


Selena Deida is a senior at South High. She has a passion for writing and photography which is the reason she joined Lakebreeze Publications. She has hopes of becoming more involved in her last year at South. Deida loves to s...

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Nujntxiag Steven Yang


Steven Yang is in his last year of being a South High Redwing. Yang joined Lake Breeze Publications to express his ideas and thoughts to the Redwing community. He also wants to help students of South High to be able to expres...

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Morgen Stampfel


Morgen Stampfel is a Senior here at South High School. Stampfel joined Lake Breeze Publications in hopes of capturing all of what happened during her last year in high school. This year she is hoping to help students at South expre...

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Frankie Carrothers


Frankie Carrothers is a senior at South High school. This is his first year working with Lake Breeze Publications and he is very excited. In Frankie’s free time he loves playing video games with his friends and watch the Detro...

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Evan Gonia


Evan Gonia is a part of the 2018 class at South High, this being his first year taking Publications. Gonia joined Publications because of his interest to be more involved and make an impact on his school. Gonia has also been a p...

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Nic Prahl


Nic Prahl is a current junior at Sheboygan South High School 2017-18, his first creative year in Publications. He took Lake Breeze Publications because he finds it a great way to show your inner self. To write a good story for...

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Isabel Gosse


Isabel Gosse is in her sophomore year at Sheboygan South High School and this is going to be her first year participating the Lake Breeze. She joined Lake Breeze Publications because of her love off writing and has been writin...

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Caleb Moua


Moua is a senior at South High. His goal in this class is to create memories and be able to reflect on a book that he put a lot of effort into. Moua has played football all four years of high school, along with sports he enjoys...

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Camila Trimberger


Camila Trimberger is in her sophomore year at Sheboygan South and her first year working with Lake Breeze Publications. She took this class after her middle school English teacher suggested she join, and to become more involved in...

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