Rush Hour: South High Traffic


He’s the hero we don’t deserve, but the hero we needed: Mr. Safford is seen in action controlling the movement of cars with just the power of his hands and strategic timing.

Lars Krugel , Writer

It’s already hard enough to get up before the sun rises and prepare yourself for another day of high school. Let alone knowing the fact that you’re probably going to be stuck at either of the intersections that are unavoidable when coming to the South High parking lot. Nothing’s worse than turning the corner to see a car line as long as a country mile in front of you, and then looking at the clock and seeing you have 5 minutes before school starts. Traffic before and after school will always be heavy, but is there a way to fix that?

He’s the hero we don’t deserve, but the hero we needed: Mr. Safford is seen in action controlling the movement of cars with just the power of his hands and strategic timing.

There is some help to the chaos that could be, and that would be Mr. Sim Safford generously helping direct traffic out the exit by the football field. In an interview, Mr. Safford shared some insight into the difficulties with traffic flow and accidents in or around the parking lot.

“People seem to appreciate the fact that there is someone out there,” and appreciate we do. Without the help of Mr. Safford, left turns out of the exit, or any turns of that matter, would not only take longer for those exiting the parking lot but also be much more dangerous as traffic outside the lot does not stop.

“I try to even it up with the people leaving our lot and those who are on Washington, …and if people would realize that it is for those who have to turn left, it would make it much easier.” With all the amounts of cars parked on the side and driving through, the timing of finding an open turn out is much easier said than done.

A survey of 158 students documented the most infamous intersections that are around Sheboygan South High. 71 students are blockaded by the 18th and Washington intersection, in which 68% of those students answered that it takes over 4 minutes to clear the intersection. The other 97 students are doomed by either 12th and Wilson, 12th and Washington, or worst case scenario: both. Along with simple stop and go traffic, over 54.4% of students reported being part of, or witnessing a car accident in or near the parking lot. Most are due to parking malfunctions or backing out of the spot. Most of these accidents are just fender benders or taps, but an accident is an accident and probably won’t go well with the parents.

Are there any ways we can fix the traffic clusters? Anyways to cut down on accidents in the parking lot? One suggestion is that they will only allow cars to leave through the exit by the football field(right-hand turns only), and enter by the entrance closest to the commons. This would help the flow of traffic for Washington street, but only until it is backed up on the 18th and Washington intersection. Another solution would be to implement traffic lights on those given intersections that cause the most clusters. Traffic lights would not only smoothen the flow of traffic for those exiting South but possibly cut down on the time it takes to get through as well. As for the accidents in the parking lot, always checking over your shoulder while backing up isn’t a bad idea. Parking in more open areas also allows for easier exits, along with the popular method of “pulling through” a spot or a more difficult backing into a spot allows it to be much easier when exiting. Always remember to drive defensively rather than offensively. Drive safe Redwings.