The importance of Hair Styles


Senior Madison Samsal pictured looking cheerful with her red hair color.

Robert Hamburg, Writer

One of the most prominent features that someone may look at in South High may be hair. With various styles, colors, and fades to personalize the way you look and maybe even act. Hair can be something that can make you look professional, or more casual than the others around you. With a lot of benefits to a good haircut, including self-esteem boosting, and other psychological influences with the social aspects of high school.

Many different events such as homecoming, prom, and other types of formal events may require individuals who are participating to fancy up their clothes and hair for the event. This puts everyone in a rush when it comes to the day of the event, in which many people start preparing only a few hours before unless they take pictures with friends beforehand which is a popular thing that people do when it comes to formal occasions. Hair can make you feel more attractive towards others when done right. Many people may think positive things about their hair, such as Senior Madison Samsal, who uses dyes in her hair to accentuate her look on a normal basis. She says

Senior Madison Samsal pictured looking cheerful with her red hair color.

“My hair does not get very damaged even though I constantly bleach and dye it. It takes bleach pretty well and is still soft and pretty straight.” Bleaching and dyes may not be for everyone, however, for many students around South High, different color hair is what makes them stand out as a comparison to students who do not have wacky colors of hair. When asked how they felt about their hair, Junior Camila Trimberger said

“I have a real love-hate relationship with my hair, sometimes I feel like it looks great and there are other times where it just does not want to do what I want it to. I get a lot of compliments from people when I go places because my hair is just naturally very curly.” Compliments are always a great way of boosting someone’s mood or even taking a minute to really make sure someone feels confident in the way they look.

While other people may not feel as good about the way they look. When asked about their hair, Senior Nicolas Prahl says,

“Back in the days I used to have a helmet head but I didn’t care because I thought it was the “hip” thing at the time. But now it’s getting old. One of these days I’ll find a better hairstyle that fits me.” Most students will go after the “hip” types of hairstyles such as waves and other types of fascinating styles to make themselves fit in with other groups of people.

Overall, high school experiences would not be the same without the positives and negatives within all of our differences, whether things turn out for the better or for the worse.