South’s Spring Service Day Photos

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Today the Redwing community decided to work together on our annual service day. Here are some of our highlights from today!

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  • Many students chose to help make their classrooms cleaner by wiping off desks.

  • Left handed activist and junior, Maya Walther, struggles using a pair of scissors "Why are they all for right handed people!" she comments.

  • Freshman, Lily Gullikson, helps decorate bags for Meals on Wheels.

  • Many teacher supervisors lent a helping hand as well. Pictured here Mr. Tachick and Ms. Busche help decorate paper bags.

  • Basement clean up was by far the most popular activity among students. Pictured here, a handful of Redwings help load items into the trash.

  • After all of the trash was removed, students began to sweep and mop the flooded floors.

  • Even in Purge-like state of the basement, senior, Jonathan Mendez, kept his spring break spirit up with a lei and positive attitude.

  • Freshmen Ryan and Slater help take wood out of the basement.

  • Freshmen Addison and Kiara were more than happy to lend a hand.

  • Freshman, Lucas Harvey poses with what he had cleaned out from the auditorium.

  • Freshman, Isabel Stengel works hard at cleaning tables. She was elated as this was her first official shot to be published here in the Lake Breeze.

  • This Redwing was camera shy, but still was able to showcase his poster.

  • Many students worked on making motivational posters in the botany room.

  • Senior, Madiha Maqsood, spent her service time working on a mural above the broadcasting studio.

  • This group of juniors had a blast making posters for the building.

  • Senior, Dorian Laraku helps pull the trash out of the newly cleaned student council work room.

  • A group of students stop in the hallway for a picture. Luckily none of the damaged ceiling tiles leaked onto them.

  • Junior, Conner Ninneman, volunteered his time to keeping the fitness center squeaky clean.

  • Students still knew how to have a blast during their work time.

  • Sophomore, Marcell Drone poses for the camera. Junior, Jesse Rodriguez found this so funny that she nearly stabbed classmate, Isaac Cobos with her scissors.

  • Senior, Sam Kaffine, put all of his crafting ability into making tie blankets for donation.

  • After students finished with their volunteer work, they were free to different rooms for activities. Ms. Larson led a yoga session in her room, pictured here.

  • Room 116 allowed kids to unwind and play card games.

  • Mr. Gertsner hung out in the game room and played Smash Bros. Many students dubbed this an "epic gamer moment."

  • Junior, Isaiah Stengel concentrates hard on getting a perfect score on this Hatsune Miku themed game. Hatsune Miku is a popular fictional artist in Japan.