Dance Team Takes on State


Abby Urben, Writer

On Saturday, February 2nd the South High Varsity Dance Team traveled to the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin to compete at the state dance tournament. After placing 3rd in the regionals competition the week before, the team had the chance to compete against other D1 dance teams. The South High Varsity Dance Team has been going to the state competition for over ten years. This year’s team included; Brianna Greene, Brenda Garcia, Jackie Mendina, Kira Schmitz, Alexis Giles, Lily Chapmann, Angel Xiong, Crystal Xiong, Elizabeth Preston, and Sunshine Cha with Coaches Baylee Payne and Alexis Champeau. With only ten dancers on the team, they defied many odds and placed in the top 10! This amazing team was able to represent South High in an incredible way! Click here to check out their hip-hop routine!