What To Do In Sheboygan?


Games in the fieldhouse can offer more than just basketball. Performances from the dance team, drum-line, and cheer team are often shown.

Lars Krugel, Writer

As the winter starts to actually make an appearance and snow may or may not start to fall, citizens of Sheboygan are forced to say goodbye to what Sheboygan is known for, the beach, our parks, and just going outside in general. What now? It’s cold outside, we’re losing daylight, and I’m bored. What could there be to do? (Besides Netflix)

This town has been quoted Shevegas, Shebaghdad, and the most popular one, Sheboring. It’s hard to argue about our infamous nickname when compared to other cities that have malls and other cool stuff… or is it?

After considerate thought and outsourcing, I have compiled a list of things there are to do in Sheboygan during the winter time, in case you ever get bored in the city that always sleeps. Expensive activities were refrained from the list.

  • $5 Movie Night: At the local Marcus Cinemas, they offer $5 movie nights to everyone on Tuesday nights and $5 movie nights to students on Thursdays. Free popcorn is also included.

    Marcus Cinemas gets pretty popular on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so make sure to reserve your tickets online or get their earlier. Photo from Google.
  • John Michael Kohler Arts Center: If you’re into art, or just into getting out of the house, meet with some friends for freety free dollars at JMKAC. Probably not a daily thing, but they often get new galleries to explore.
  • Kohls/TJMaxx:  You’d be lying if you said you live in Sheboygan and don’t own clothing from either of these stores. These are the closest things we are going to get to a mall anytime soon, so save up some money and hit the clearance racks.
  • Blue Harbor: Yes I know you’re too old for it, but if you haven’t been there for 5 years I bet you’d have a good time going back. Passes are $14 after 5 pm, otherwise, they’re a steep $29, but we all know someone who has free passes.
  • Sledding: Yea I know you’re also too old for this. Still a lot of fun with friends.  Works a lot better if there is snow. You got Kiwanis, Vollrath, Rochester Park in Sheb Falls, or you could take a haul to Sunburst.
  • Open Studio at Urban Artique: Located on 8th street downtown, Urban Artique offers classes for creating home decorations, or if you feel confident in your crafting you can go to open studio and use all their materials for $20.
  • Local High School Games: Come support your fellow classmates and check out various sports such as Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Hockey, or Swim. All events dated on the South High website and are either $2 or free with activity card.

    Games in the fieldhouse can offer more than just basketball. Performances from the dance team, drum-line, and cheer team are often shown.
  • Yoga On The Lake: Probably more for the ladies, Kohler offers yoga/hot yoga classes every week for $15 a class if you are a student. Yoga is very good for the body and offers a very refreshing feel once you are done.
  • Other Yoga: Other places close to home include YogaLoft, which is located downtown Sheboygan, and Midwest Power Yoga, located in Falls. Prices range from $9-$12 and offer schedules for your types of Yoga on their respective websites.
  • South High Fitness Center: No better way to start a new year’s resolution than to get into shape. South High’s weight room one of the best in the state, and is free to use by all students.
  • Goodwill Thrill: Whether it’s vintage articles of clothing or a nice looking piece of furniture you could use, Goodwill/Bethesda are home to some hidden treasures.