Smoke break?

Staff have been putting up signs like these to discourage kids from vaping.

Staff have been putting up signs like these to discourage kids from vaping.

Nick Vue, Writer

Don’t you hate it when people pee in the Juul room? Because I sure do. Many bathrooms at Sheboygan South High School have turned into Juul rooms. This is mainly due to the fact that Juuls have become very popular with high school students. What is a Juul you ask? Juuls are a type of electronic cigarette that has exponentially grown in popularity. They are meant for cigarette smokers that are trying to stop, but many teens have taken a liking to them. There are many Juul flavors that are sold in packs of

An anonymous 18-year-old senior at Sheboygan South High School is shown vaping off school grounds.

four that are high in nicotine, examples of flavors are mango, cucumber, and mint. Many teens buy the fruity flavors that are sold, and for that reason, the FDA took action to ban the fruity flavors. This is because they believe that these flavors are targeting people that are underage. Although this ban on fruity flavored Juul pods has been introduced many kids are still purchasing other flavors that have not been banned. Another form of e-cigarette that teens are beginning to use is vapes. Vapes unlike Juuls have less nicotine but produces more smoke. Teens like Vaping and Juuling because it makes them feel like they fit in with the people around if you know what I mean, and because they’re addicted to the nicotine.

E-cigarettes are beginning to infest high schools around the nation. Studies have shown that two in five high school seniors had reported vaping in 2017 and in 2018 about 21 percent of high school seniors said they had used an e-cigarette. There are about 3.3 million students that are projected to graduate in the school year 2018-2019, so about 69300 teens throughout the United States are using e-cigarettes, and that’s only seniors. Imagine all high schoolers throughout the United States.

Story statistics are from this daily Snapchat story. The name of the story is called Esquire. They post daily on controversial news topics.

This new generation of smokers are gonna be telling their children in 20 or some years that they were smoking on electronic cigarettes in high school and that was the cool thing to do, and their children are gonna want to do it too.

As for vaping and Juuling at South. There are many kids that are continuing to abuse the rules and vape or Juul in the bathrooms or locker rooms where there are no cameras. This is a problem for our school officers who are here to ensure our safety, kids smoking in the bathrooms is not safe for our students. Officer Enrich said of the new craze. “For some quite some time it’s become a problem, it’s illegal to smoke on school grounds. The worst part is the health concerns because it is very unhealthy. Studies have found that it’s very unhealthy for kids to be smoking these e-cigarettes, and now manufacturers are targeting kids with their juice flavors and the juice colors.”  

Staff have been putting up signs like these to discourage kids from vaping.