Plans for the Summer


The beach is a great place where friends like to go and hangout the whole summer. The sound of the waves are perfect and relaxing and the view is mesmerizing.

Caleb Moua, Writer

After nine and a half months of hard work in school, Summer break is finally getting closer. Students all over the South High community are excited to have a little time to not have to worry about school work and are ready to enjoy their summer. This summer some individuals have kept their plans simple, while others are getting ready for big things.

Senior Yoko Vang states,

“This summer I am going to Hawaii and I’m really excited for it.” Hawaii is a place where many people dream of going. The weather in Hawaii is great along with the culture, ocean, beaches, and more. There are many people who will also be traveling far from Wisconsin. A list of the places that people will travel include, Mexico, Texas, California, Europe, Florida and many more. Senior Pauline Rey states,

“I am going on a cruise in South America, which includes, Cuba, Cozumel, Belize, Isla Da Roadan, and Jamaica.” It is impressive of all the places that she will be able to see this summer. Rey will also be returning home to Switzerland to see her friends and family again. The summer is a great time for students at South to go on vacation and enjoy their time. However, there are still many of us will be home and will want to find different things to do each day. Freshman Gabriela Carrasquilo said,

“My plans for the summer is to go to the beach.” In the city of Sheboygan, there may not be much to do, but going to the lake and hearing the sounds of the water is always a calming and relaxing way to spend your summer. The beach is a lot of fun for many people and going with friends and family makes going to the beach even more enjoyable. Sophomore Olivia Mickelson states,

“I plan on going camping and spending time with my friends.” Being outdoors is a great way to spend the summer in Wisconsin because it is a way to get away from the normal life of technology and doing the same thing continuously. Being with your friends is always an activity that people enjoy doing and the summer can bring you and your friends even closer. Other students may have nothing planned at all. Freshman Stephen Guth exclaimed,

“I have absolutely nothing planned. Which in my opinion, is the best part of summer.” This is a true statement for many individuals at South. Students like Guth prefer to go with the flow and found out what you will be doing along the way. Many students spend their summers this way and have a good time every year. Although the summer is a time for students to relax and spend time with friends, Seniors this year will also need to start prepping for the life ahead of them, whether this is college, the workforce, or the military. Senior Daisy Mendiola states,

I am starting to slowly purchase any items I will need for college. I am also finishing writing letters to teachers who i hope to keep in contact with.” Seniors have many things to do still before they leave South High behind next fall. Depending on if they will be attending college next year, many materials still need to be bought and students will rush at the last minute to get all of these things prepared. Students like Mendiola may also be writing letters to their teachers, because of the impact that they have made on them throughout their high school career. Seniors aren’t the only ones that need to worry about things this summer. Juniors may also be stressing out a little this year. Junior Brianna Greene said,

“My goals this summer are to work and apply to colleges.” Many Juniors are close to reaching their next point in life to adulthood, so they will spend their time applying to colleges and finding colleges to visit this summer.

Although everyone is hyped about summer, there are still a few more days left of school and the summer break may seem so close, but still so far. Continue to work hard and end the school year on a strong note. Then once summer approaches, everyone goes out, have fun, and be safe. Have a great summer Redwings!

The beach is a great place where friends like to go and hang out the whole summer. The sound of the waves are perfect and relaxing and the view is mesmerizing.