The Full Milwaukee Bucks experience

Blake Posewitz, Writer

Many students at South don’t know what to do on a Friday or Saturday night in Sheboygan. Many students will go out to eat, maybe go bowling, or just playing video games. I would recommend going to a Milwaukee Bucks game because there is food, entertainment, and fun for all ages at the Bradley Center.

INTERSTATE 43- Going to the Bucks game is much easier than it may seem. There is highway access on the same street that Sheboygan South High School is on. It takes only 50 minutes from Sheboygan to the Bradley Center.


GOOD EATS- Kopps Frozen Custard & Jumbo Burgers is one of my favorite places to stop before the game. It is located across the street from Bayshore Town Center. My favorite thing to order is the chocolate malt.
FREE PARKING- My usual parking spot for the game is located on Cherry Street in Milwaukee. It is approximately four blocks north of the Bradley Center. Parking on the street saves me about $15-$20 a game. I also choose to park here because it is near the highway and is easy to exit after the game.
STRAIGHT PATH- This is a picture of Google Maps that shows the route I take to get to the game. The circle represents my usual parking spot and the arrows represent my walking route.
GET YOUR TICKET READY- The entrance is more than just a ticket scanning area. Often times there is a give away for all fans and this is where the items are distributed. There is also live music or a DJ welcoming fans into the Bradley Center.
ON SALE- At the Pro Shop I have bought lots of Bucks apparel including jerseys, shirts, and hats. There are many different options and styles to shop for all ages and sizes. I tend to go here before every game because sometimes they have in store specials for every game.
GAME TIME- The Bradley Center holds over 18,000 seats and there is no bad seat in the house. Ticket prices can range in the hundreds or even thousands the closer you get to the court. I tend to look for seats midway through the upper level which is about $30-$40 a piece.
GOODBYE BRADLEY CENTER- After 30 years of Bucks basketball at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, it is time for the Bucks to have a new home. The Wisconsin Sports and Entertainment Center will be ready for the 2018-2019 basketball season. This new arena cost over half a billion dollars and will be one of the top NBA arenas next season.