Importance of Selecting Classes

Caleb Moua, Writer

It is the time of year again for students to pick their classes for next year. As a senior in high school, last year was the last time I got to choose classes as a student of South. After taking the classes I did throughout high school, there is a lot of advice that I have for underclassmen. My first piece of advice is to avoid taking a class because it is easy. Many students choose easy classes because they are told that they can get an A in it. Taking easy classes doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do well and it might not be a class that you would enjoy. If you plan on going to college, they tell us that they also look at how you have challenged yourself in high school, not just at how well you did in the class. So if they see that you have only taken easy classes, the chances of you getting into that college may be lower. Challenging yourself is often times something that people do not like doing, but if you work hard in the class and stay on top of things, you could achieve a good grade in it. A class that I would suggest is taking AP US history instead of US history because personally I have learned a lot in the class and can apply it to many things.

South offers many classes to help you discover what you want to be. If you are uncertain about what you want to do, explore the options that South has. If you feel like you want to go into the medical field, there are medical classes that you can take. Once you have taken it and find out that it is not what you really want to do, there are other classes that you can take to get an idea of what you want to do with your future.

My last piece of advice would be to take classes for yourself and not for your friends. Many times I see my peers ask each what classes they are taking than hear one of them say that they will be taking the class too because the other is taking it. This goes back to the idea of not doing well because even though you both may be in the same class, you may not actually like the class and there are still many other options to choose from that could benefit you in the future.

Overall, remember that high school goes by faster than you think it does and having classes that you like will help you enjoy your time here even more. Choose your classes wisely and make sure to take a class for yourself and not for your friends. I hope that the classes that each underclassman take next year are worth it, and hope that you all have a great year at South High School.