South High Gives Back

South Students help the community by participating in Service Day.


Junior, Nick Gamez, helps place ceiling tiles in the art room.

Camila Trimberger, Photographer

Sophomore Antigone Schwartz creates locker signs for South High Student’s birthdays for her volunteer work.
Mr. Mathews helps students make cards for local police.
Sophomore, Austin Reynoso, creates cards for local police.
South students create cards for the holiday season.
Freshman, Gilbert Salas, focuses extremely hard on creating good quality cards.
Sophomores, Kaylee Meyer and Trevor James roll cookie dough.
Freshmen caught in the act of eating the cookie dough.

South students help clean in the LGI.
Sophomore, Ben Garni, uses two vacuums to help clean.
Students help wrap gifts in the library.
Students and staff also created ornaments for Christmas.
South students help clean the fitness center.
Sophomores, Jacob Scholten and Alex Oeldrich have fun while wiping down equipment.
Junior, Daniel Johns keeps busy while helping clean the school.
Students help prepare the shell into another fitness center and prepare a projector screen.
Senior, Preston Meyer, prepares a Ghostbusters-esque vacuum for cleaning the floors.
Students help clean up the bleachers in the gym.
Juniors, Flor Serna and Jonathan Hang, help make tie blankets.
Senior Natalee Nachtwey helps make blankets.
Junior, Aiden Faucher pictured busy at work.
Students pose for the camera while making tie-blankets.
Student council members help make holiday notes.
Juniors, Ashley Paltzer and Jaidan Glavan and sophomores Josh Govek and Elliot Pethan pose for the camera while making cards.
Students wave at the camera while creating holiday notes.
South High students help Meals on Wheels by decorating for the holidays.
Sophomore, Rakshya Bhatta, writes notes for nurses.
Students help write letters to nurses.
Students write letters to Honor Flight and veterans.
Sophomore, Madison Linger, shows off her letters.
South students decorate placemats for Progressive Nursing Home.
Students help South staff by helping them label envelopes.
Working hard or hardly working? Students create locker signs for Farnsworth Middle School.
South students make locker signs for Farnsworth students.

Junior, Nick Gamez, helps place ceiling tiles in the art room.
South students went off campus to visit elementary schools around the area.
Senior, Lindsey Anderson, leads a craft activity at Wilson.
Senior, Bailey Sippel plays bingo with James Madison students.
Senior, Nick Larson helps with bingo.
Sophomore, Coral Wappler, helps at Habitat for Humanity Restore.
South High Singers help at Habitat for Humanity to help spread holiday cheer.
Mr. Heinen lead the jazz band at a concert RCS.
South band plays for RCS residents.
RCS residents thoroughly enjoyed the bands take on “La Bamba”
Senior, Jonah Mueller plays for the band.