The Sheboygan Project


Lauren Firgens, Editor

Being in an art class is something each and every student has experienced. Throughout all of the projects that are made most don’t have any meaning whether it be creating snowflakes or gluing macaroni noodles to paper plates. Other students at both Wilson Elementary and students in the Senior art class at South are showing their love of this town through art. The students are collaborating on something called “The Sheboygan Project”. Their job is to learn facts about their own town along with creating their own version of a historical building in Sheboygan. The young artists are learning how to include color schemes along with abstract or realism, or to find inspiration through researching artists and using their techniques.

Each individual involved in the project is benefiting from the collaboration of their peers and receiving new ideas to influence their work.

Senior Rebecca Gottsacker said,

“Working with the younger students really inspires me in my YTY (Youth Tutoring Youth) class… I’m passionate about working with kids and this project is a great way to expand on that.”

Students from both South High School and Wilson Elementary work to begin their project. Once finished, the project will be displayed at South.

Students are learning about their community and all the history that they pass each and every day. The elementary students are drawing the rough outline of each of the buildings with guidance from the Seniors. After the outlines are completed the project is being transferred from Wilson to go to the auditorium display case for the south high students along with the public to view.

“The art teacher at Wilson and I wanted to do a collaborative project for awhile… We finally got it under way,” said Ms. Linda Badtke when asked about her work with Brian Sommersberger, Wilson’s art teacher, and he went on to say,

“There is a YouTube series called ‘The Sheboygan Story’ dating back to 1958” and kids are using the series to help aid them in their creations. Despite minor setbacks on the project, such as finding a date and time to work together, both classes have now begun the work.

Buildings and places such as the Armory, Sheboygan Press, Lighthouse, Firehouse No. 1, the Courthouse, and the Sheboygan Yacht Club were examples given to the South students to create and display. Every Tuesday from 10:15-11 students travel to Wilson to create each of their buildings. The Seniors involved in this project are Lynnyi Vang, Rebecca Gottsacker, Reece Detienne, Mason Prunick, Angel Hernandez, Samuel Edwards, Jason Lee, Evan Horen, Eden Slimmer, Megan Bergin, Lauren Buckley, Andy Castro, and Neenah Primas.

Senior Mason Prunick described the experience as,

“… a meaningful experience that helps the kids who want to keep doing art in middle and high school.”

Along with the work being put into their projects, both students are learning lessons along the way. Lessons about teamwork, and determination. It may be hard at times, but the end result will be something that will be cherished. The history that each student learns from this project will carry through their years and they may even tell their kids who do this project in their elementary years.