Redwing Resolutions


Senior Eden Slimmer holds up her ten resolutions. After winter break, AP Psychology students were required to write down and share ten of their goals with the class. Sharing your goals is proven to be more beneficial in accomplishing them.

Madisyn Riste, Editor

When you think about your 2016, what do you think about? This time of the year is the perfect time to stop and reflect. As humans, we often think about tragedies before we think of our successes. And although there could be many downfalls in 366 days (thanks Leap Year), it does a person well to think of all the good that happened and they did. Where there is death, there is life and out of everything that might’ve happened, you can at least be thankful for the lesson that came with it. These lessons turn into ambition for better. A better environment, better relationships, better outlook, a better you.  It’s a new year and, as some would say, a fresh slate. A time seen to make changes and improve on certain things that you see fit. Or simply a time seen to accomplish all that you have not yet.  Many South High students have already made some resolutions for themselves as they look back and then onto the new year. One of those students include Senior Lauren Vega who expressed her love for traveling. She admitted,

I’ve always loved new places, and so I am planning a trip to either Canada or Thailand. I also love hiking and I would love to hike Blue Angels Peak in California.”

Senior Andrew Sessler shares Vega‘s passion for traveling as he mentioned,

“I definitely want to go to Alaska this summer.”

It’s not a coincidence that these two are both seniors. Many seniors are planning graduation trips and summer vacations before they head off their separate ways to college. These vacations are a great way to fend off wanderlust and are sure to provide everlasting memories. While the seniors are looking to get out of town, juniors are trying their best to stay in so they can graduate in 2018. Junior Blake Posewitz admitted,

“I am looking forward to my senior year and, although it might seem odd, applying to colleges such as Madison, Marquette, Minnesota, and Whitewater.”

Some students are setting themselves up for a healthier year. Sophomore Hannah Luginbill shared,

“My goal for this year would be to run seven miles straight without dying.”

Among the goals Sophomore Ashley Paltzer set for herself, she too has a fitness goal as she told me,

“I’m determined to get more than three push ups in gym.”

Whether your goal is running seven miles or accomplishing three push ups or anywhere in between, fitness goals are a great way to assure yourself a healthier year. These fitness goals may lead to athletic goals. Senior Reece Detienne has been working hard all year and he admitted the reason for his drive. He said,

“I would love to make it to state for wrestling this year. I joined cross country this past fall to get in better shape and I wrestle for a club in Mequon to help myself with this goal.”

Other students are currently chasing their athletic goals as well. Freshman Ariana Methfessel’s goal for 2017 is to

“Hopefully make the South Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team.”

No matter the grade, it’s evident South High students are ready for a year of athletic accomplishments. Even out of season, students can be seen after school and during the summer working out with the Redwing Way program.

Other personal aspirations are simply meant for bettering themselves and those around them. Sophomore Alonzo Backhaus is a perfect example of this as he explained,

“My goal this year is to try and impact other people’s lives in a positive way whenever I get the chance, whether it’s helping a stranger with carrying something or volunteering.”

Many students agreed that writing down or saying aloud their resolutions help them achieve them throughout the year. Though this time of the year may be the most common for goal-setting, don’t limit yourself to a 2017 Resolution List you made in 2016. Add to your list throughout the year as you cross ones off. But it is clear there is something magic about the start of a new year that makes everyone wanting a little bit more. I think that the movie, New Year’s Eve, says it best as Hilary Swank’s character said,

“That’s what New Year’s all about; getting another chance, a chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be.”