Redwing Pride Profile: Mary Brunn


Art Assist- Junior Mary Brunn shows of one of her many art projects. Landscapes are Brunn’s favorite thing to portray.

Lauren Firgens, Editor

Profile: Junior Mary Brunn

At South High, walking into the art room can be an intimidating place, full of amazing artwork that you don’t ever think you could create. You may also see a friendly face aside from Ms. Badtke, her assistant teacher, Junior Mary Brunn! Art is not only a way of self expression but a way to pass time. I was curious as to what exactly Brunn was doing with being Ms. Badtke’s assistant, as are other art students. I asked her a few questions about her art and her teaching.

What is it exactly that you are doing with art education here at South High?

I am Ms. Badtke’s teaching assistant. As a teaching assistant, I help Ms. Badtke around the art room by answering my peer’s questions, substitute teachers’ questions, and completing various projects for Ms. Badtke. Along with teaching, I am the president of Art Scream [South’s art club]. As president, my main role is to lead discussion and to make sure that we have a project to work on at club.

Do you plan to continue what you are doing this year to your senior year?

Yes I hope to continue as a Teacher’s Assistant next year if my schedule allows it.

When did you first discover your love for the arts? Who helped you discover this love?

I first discovered my love for art when I was six years old. My older sister is an artist and she got me started on my career as an artist at an early age. When I first starting creating art it was just pencil and paper, but now that I’m older I’ve discovered that my favorite medium to use is paint.

When and where do you find it easiest to create your artwork?

My best artwork is made when I have a purpose to make it. For example: a gift for someone I care about, to remember an important event, or as a donation. It is easiest for me to create a painting after I have spent some time with some of my amazing friends, and/or after I have spent some time praying.

If you could draw one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would paint landscapes for the rest of my life because I believe that God is the most amazing artist. Every time I look up at the sky I am in awe of it’s beauty and I want to imitate my favorite artist by painting his creations.

How would you say your artwork/skills have changed over time?

Over time, I have developed different techniques on how to create pieces. When I was younger I would begin with detailing, but then my proportions were almost always messed up. Now that I’m older, with more experience, I begin with a basic sketch and then I go into detailing at the end.

How do you plan on continuing your studies here at South High and throughout your life?

I hope to use what I’ve learned about art here at South High School for the rest of my life. I hope to use art and painting as a way to bless others around me. Ms. Badtke has stretched my abilities in art and without her constantly pushing me to be better than I am, I wouldn’t be the artist I am today.

What field do you hope to go into, and does it involve art or teaching of the arts?

I hope to become a Youth Pastor when I’m older. Although this doesn’t seem like it would involve art, I hope to use my artwork as a way to financially support the non-profit organization.

How do the opportunities that Ms. Badtke has given you help you grow as an art student?

She has given me opportunities to try things I’ve never done before. She has introduced me to new techniques, mediums, and styles that I’d never known before.

Art Assist- Junior Mary Brunn shows of one of her many art projects. Landscapes are Brunn's favorite thing to portray.
Art Assist- Junior Mary Brunn shows of one of her many art projects. Landscapes are Brunn’s favorite thing to portray.

What would you say to any student interested in art classes but doesn’t think they are creative enough?

I would ask them, “Have you ever packed a car trunk? Have you ever written a letter?” You have to be creative to do either of those! If you want to take an art class, but think you’re not good enough, don’t fret! You are creative and we all start somewhere!