Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Lauren Firgens

With summer being right around the corner most kids’ plans consist of swimming, going on trips, getting ice cream, or just being outside soaking up the sun. These days everything costs money, and unless your parents paid you to do some laundry or the dishes, you have

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to find your own way to have a little bit of income. Summer jobs are becoming more and more common nowadays. It’s an easy way for students to work a few hours a week and get enough money to go shopping or fill up a tank of gas. Although the money is a nice thing to have, a job can have a few downfalls, “Missing out on family trips is a huge upset. I also don’t like that I can’t go and do whatever I want when I want because I’m always being scheduled,” said Junior Taylor Haartman who’s worked at Blue Harbor and Eastern Shores Library. When asked about working on Sheboygan festivities, Haartman’s response was, “Two of the biggest celebrations in town are Brat Days and being down on the beach during the 4th of July. Having a job and being scheduled on those days is, in my opinion, the worst part about working.” Even though a job keeps you from having a spontaneous summer, Freshman Chelsea McNellis–who’s only been working a few weeks at Majerle’s Black River Grill–already has positive things to say about her job, “The best part of having a job is the proud feeling that you are working for yourself, and meeting new people from the area is always nice, too!” Having your own money to spend is a great feeling. Knowing that you put your effort and time into the money you have puts things into a different perspective and can cause you to spend your money wisely. Finding a job can be long and tedious, but there are many ways that you can come in contact with an opening–asking any employee at your favorite store or restaurant can get you started on your application process. “It depends on the place that you are looking to apply to, but it takes fairly a short amount of time [to apply] which is convenient,” explained Junior Caitlyn Cobb, an employee at Blue Harbor Resort.  If you have a summer sport you’re involved in, your time may be limited when it comes to the hours you can work. Most places are quite flexible with times, just be sure to mention your availability right off the bat! Sophomore Philip Pethan is excited about starting his new job at Caan’s Floral, “I’m excited because it’s preparing me to work and having responsibilities keeps me busy during the summer months.” Having a job can open your mind to new experiences, which could possibly even show you what you want to do, or don’t want to do, with your life! Senior Tyler Guenther is starting a job for the first time this summer, “I found a job because I need work experience and making money to pay for college and other things in the future.” This summer, be sure to have fun and stay safe but also consider trying to earn your own money and maybe save up for that new iPhone that’s always coming out!