Running for Office: Election Week


Senior Presidential candidate Nick Cooper mean mugs opposing candidates Erin Gamb’s poster. Who will be the one speaking at Vollrath Bowl?

Madisyn Riste

Happy election week Redwings! For the past three weeks, some South High students have been working hard campaigning for a class officer position. Each grade has four officers by the end of the election; a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer. This year, we have some healthy competition between the positions!

Senior Presidential candidate Nick Cooper mean mugs opposing candidates Erin Gamb's poster. Who will be the one speaking at Vollrath Bowl?
Senior Presidential candidate Nick Cooper mean mugs opposing candidates Erin Gamb’s poster. Who will be the one speaking at Vollrath Bowl?

In the class of 2016, Nick Cooper and Erin Gamb are battling for presidency. Their possible Vice President could be either Jackson Martinez, Courtney Trescher, or Pachia Yang. Holland Birkey and Kassidy Murphy are head to head in hopes of becoming Senior Secretary. And finally, Hope Jochimsen and Rachel Schleicher are up for Treasurer. For the class of 2017, the only competition is between Carson Kaiser, Matthew Kittelson, and Lauren Vega for Junior President. Madisyn Riste (Vice President), Megan Bergin (Secretary), and Mackenzie Linger (Treasurer) are all running unopposed. The class of 2018 also has a choice between President Kirsten Boehlke or President Amy Cooper. Britney Lapalme (Vice President) and Owen Miller (Treasurer) are unopposed. The Sophomore class is still looking for a secretary. The Freshman class has Zachary Pape (Secretary) and Maddy Miller (Treasurer), both running unopposed. They are in need of a President and Vice President. To help shed some light on what class officers are needed for, Assistant Principal, Mr. Kevin Formolo shared the expectations of these selected individuals. “Each four officers chosen for their grade are ultimately representing their whole class. These representatives attend meetings twice, or more, a month to help move their class along with class decisions and fundraising.” The 2015 candidates made sure to include why they’d be the perfect representative for their own class. Possible Senior Vice President, Courtney Trescher, commented “I would be a role model for all students and work with the other class officers, staff, and students to make our first year of flex-mod a success.” Senior Presidential candidate, Nick Cooper adds, “I believe my high energy fits the Presidential role. I need to stay up and on my toes while collaborating with everyone else.” Senior secretary candidate, Kassidy Murphy, almost counters his statement, saying, “I’m running for this position because even though I’m not the most outgoing with my ideas and opinions on things we do, like spirit week themes, I feel like I can offer a lot and make sure everything is organized and well-thought out.” Each candidate believes they can bring something new to South’s table. Fundraising is essential for each class and the officers play a huge role in this. Pachia Yang, Senior Vice President candidate, knows the hard work that goes into fundraising from being a class officer the past three years. Yang points out, “I’ve been through the hardship of fundraising hundreds of dollars to make prom happen.” Other than paying for Junior prom, officers raise money for class gifts, senior banquet, and possible community projects. Senior, Hope Jochimsen, also comments on her past experience, saying, “Long nights were spent at school running bake sales and planning prom so that we had money in our account for this upcoming year.” Holland Birkey, possible Senior Secretary, piggy-backs these two statements, adding, “Along with Hope Jochimsen and Pachia Yang, I raised the majority of the funds for our class, specifically junior prom.” All three candidates agree fundraising is tough work, but note their past experiences will make it easier for them. Even without class officer experience, other candidates are confident they have what it takes. Rachel Schleicher, Senior treasurer candidate, states, “I’m running for treasurer because I feel that I would be able to bring forth many great ideas of how we can fundraise and make money for our class. And then with that money, we would be able to give back to our school since they have done so much for us.” For those unaware of what the Senior class gift is, it’s usually something donated by the graduating class to leave their mark and thanks at South High. An example of these would be the new hi-tech bubbler down by Mr. Rank’s room and Eloise, the school cat both gifts from the class of 2015! Junior Presidential candidate, Matthew Kittelson, brings up the class gift by saying, “As the end is in sight, it is time we (Juniors) really stepped up and started fundraising and organizing the class to make sure that we can do what we want for the special things that occur in senior year, such as the class gift…” With this comes a lot of pressure put on these class officers in making sure they make the right decisions based on their classes’ ideas, and then making sure these ideas turn into reality. Lauren Vega, Junior Presidential candidate, makes it clear that she doesn’t have an issue with this. “I feel that since I talk so much, I can communicate effortlessly, and make sure your opinions and voice are being heard.” Senior Presidential candidate, Erin Gamb, agrees with this by saying, “I am running for the people in my class, not for myself. This is a group effort and I am serving as a representative, which is why I will have strong communication with the people in my class and I will work very hard.” Formolo stressed that class officers should be extremely responsible, especially this upcoming year with extra expectations. Sophomore Presidential candidate, Amy Cooper, steps up by saying, “I feel I can offer my class my full dedication and leadership to make our class responsibilities and activities the very best they can be.” Cooper’s opponent, Kirsten Boehlke, brings up her past year as an officer, saying, “I enjoy taking on leadership roles…I’d love the opportunity to do that again this year!” Along with providing the leadership role, a main goal for class officers is to ensure a fun and exciting year for their classes. Jackson Martinez, Senior Vice President candidate, highlights his ideas, stating, “I would like to improve the attendance at school sponsored events, listening to what my peers like, and making sure they have a good time to showcase our pride in our school.” Personal videos of presidential candidates will be shown to homerooms on Thursday, September 24th. With the videos broadcasted, voting will open up during this time and conclude Friday, September 25th, at 4:00 P.M. A Sophomore Secretary, Freshman class President, and a Freshman class Vice President are still needed. Please see Mr. Formolo for more information! Students should vote for who they feel represent their individual class the best. As Junior Presidential candidate, Carson Kaiser, points out, “Everyone of them (the students) has the chance to vote and their vote is their voice so I hope they use it.” Class officers will be announced Monday, September 28th, during homeroom. Happy voting!

Photo by: Madisyn Riste